Regardless of whether you are registering as a new patient or your children are existing patients, you need to create a web portal account before you can use the site. For existing patients, this will give you access to your childrens' records online. If you are new to the practice this will allow you to register as a new patient. This tutorial describes how to create a web portal account.


1.The first step to creating an account is to click here - Under Construction - Stay Tuned!


2. Next, click on the "Create Account" link at the bottom.


3. On the "Create Account" page, fill in your details. Note that if you are already registered with the practice, the email address that you use to sign up links your web portal account with your child's medical records. You must use the email address that is on file with the office, or your account will not be properly linked to your child's records. Click on the "Save" button to create your account.


4. When you create your account, your password is emailed to you. This is a security measure designed to protect the privacy and integrity of patient records.


5. Click on the Sign-In link.


6. Sign in using your email address and the password that was emailed to you.




If your child is not already a patient of Westside Pediatric, please follow these directions to register with the practice:


1. Create an account. This is described in the Create an Account help section.


2. After you have logged in with your new account, you will see that you are not authorized to view medical information for any patients. Click on the "use the registration form" link to go to the New Patient Registration page.


3. Complete the New Patient Registration form.


4. A confirmation message will be shown after you have registered.




This page is for families that have already created a portal web account, registered with the practice, and have completed their first office visit. If you are already registered with the practice but have not yet created a portal web account, please see the Creating an Account help page. If you have already created an account, but are new to the practice, please see the Registering with the Practice help page.


1. After you have created an acount, click on the "Patient Login" link on the left side of the page.


2. Your login ID is the email address you used when you created your account. The password was emailed to you immediately after you created your account. If it is your first time logging in, you will be prompted to change your password.


3. After you have logged in, you should see a list of the patients to which you have access. Click on the name of one of your children to make them the active patient.


4. After you have selected a patient, click on one of the navigation links under "Online Patient Services" to view information for that patient. For example, clicking on "Immunizations" will show the Immunizations page for the currently selected patient.



ISSUE: My children are already patients of the practice. I created an account and logged in, but it is prompting me to register. Why can't I access my children through Online Patient Services?
ANSWER: First check that the email address you used to create your web portal account is the same email address that is on file with the practice. Before the new web portal was launched, welcome emails were sent to the email addresses on file for each contact. Please use the email to which the welcome message was sent. If you are still having problems, please contact us at 310-979-7337.


ISSUE: I did not receive an email with my password after I created my portal account.
ANSWER: Please check your spam folder. It can take up to 20 minutes for you to receive your temporary account password via email.


ISSUE: I created an account but forgot my password.
ANSWER: Use the "Forgot Password" link at the bottom of the "Patient" sign in page.