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The portal will give you access to components of your children's records, as well as let you interact with the office online by sending messages and making your own appointments. The portal works best on a computer and not your phone. You will have more capabilities with live scheduling of appointments that cannot be accessed on your phone at this time. The following tutorial describes how to create a web portal account.  These steps should only be taken if you DO NOT already have a portal account established with the Practice. We have also attached a PDF document with detailed instructions here

1.If you are a current member of the practice, please go to the Step 3. If you are a new patient to the practice, you must first register with the practice via the Online Registration Link before creating an account.


2. Once your registration forms have been received and you are entered into our system by the staff, you will automatically receive an email to set up your account. 


3. To create your account, follow the link via your email or you may access the InteliChart Portal by clicking the button on the top right of our website.  Register with your information, NOT your child’s information. Please note you must use the email address and phone number that is on file with the office or your account will not be properly linked to your child's records. You will only need to create one account.  If you have more than one child, you will receive a separate pin for each child to add to the one account.  DO NOT create more than one account.


4. Once your account is created, your pin will be emailed to you.  This is a security measure designed to protect the privacy and integrity of the patient records.  The pin will expire after two weeks.  If you need a new pin, please contact the office at or 310-979-7337.





ISSUE: My children are already patients of the practice. I created an account and logged in, but it is prompting me to register. Why can't I access my children through the portal account?
ANSWER: Please check that the email address and phone number you used to create your portal account is the same email address and phone number that is on file with the practice. If you need to verify either of these, please contact the office.


ISSUE: I did not receive an email with my pin after I created my portal account.
ANSWER: Please check your spam folder. It can take up to 20 minutes for you to receive your pin via email.  You may also contact the office to have a new pin generated.


ISSUE: I created an account but forgot my password.
ANSWER: Use the "Forgot Your Password" link at the bottom of the sign in page.


ISSUE: I only received a pin for one child and not the other(s).

ANSWER: Please contact the office and we will email you a pin.


ISSUE: How do I correct a portal account if I entered  my child’s information on the account instead of my own as the parent/legal guardian?

ANSWER: Please contact the office and we will disable your account and proceed with generating a new pin.


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